The Poet's Ogam: A Living Magical Tradition

Welcome to the Poet's Ogam Website!

Hi Folks!

Welcome, one and all, to The Poet's Ogam website.  

This website is for anyone with an interest in the Ogam (Ogham). I have created it as a media for sharing my explorations of Ogam as published in my book 'The Poet's Ogam: A Living Magical Tradition.'  However I wish for this site to be much more than a 'shop-front' for my ideas and have set up a forum for open dialogue on Ogam in general. My primary interest is to have this jewel of our Gaelic heritage celebrated and explored. The I Ching, the Runes and the Kabbalah are all known world-wide and celebrated as systems of ancient wisdom, I think the Ogam should be raised to a deservedly similar status in the world and certainly among the Gaelic peoples.  The Ogam is more than just an alphabet, it is a cosmological symbol system.  It is something beautiful and sophisticated that flourished for over 1,000 years of use in Ireland and around 2,000 years after its first creation-the Ogam still has much to teach us.  

Ogam means 'perfect alliteration' and through a comprehension of its harmonies, a poetic and inspiring vision may be found, in which all the various threads of life can be weaved, with art and science, to create a new order and even a new Ireland. The Tree of Life must be climbed again.  The fruit of eternity must be won and eaten again, that our eyes and ears shall be renewed and reopened.  For Wisdom and Illumination are our heritage and our birth-right.  This Island of Destiny was once before a Light to the World; I propose that through re-newed knowledge and application of the Ogam: it shall be again.

You are welcome to share in this journey, to realise this vision and to manifest the harmony of Ogam. 

I hope you enjoy this site and please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions, queries or suggestions.


John-Paul Patton

News and Updates

6/1/12c.e. The Poets Ogam is now available in ibooks format from itunes click here if your interested! :   )

I have also recently accepted an invitation to do a workshop at the Festival of Celtic Spirituality in Co. Wicklow this August-stay tuned for more details!

I have made a film presentation of an Invocation of Ogma.

I will also be making a number of film presentations on Ogam that may be found in the 'videos' section and please do sign up to my blog and sign the guestbook.  I am also happy to add links, films and events from and by others interested in the field of Ogam, please let me know if you wish to have something put up here. 

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